Plum / Campaign

  • Plum offers an option to create campaigns for the employees. A link for stores platform can be created through campaign option, the contents of the campaign can be customized based on what you want employees to see on the stores. You can select and customize product list,apply filters based on location,categories and price.

    1. Go to campaign option in the main module.

    2. Select create new campaign option.

    3. Select products and customize them by choosing between experiences and activities,gift vouchers, perks and privileges and apply filters based on location,Categories and prize using the customize option.

    4. Click on proceed to move on to the next step

    5. Set campaign name by entering the name in the box provided and click on proceed

    6. Create and customize landing page. You can choose from the templates provided by xoxoday for landing page and can also use the visual editor provided on plum platform. Click on proceed to move on to the next step

    7. Confirm all the progress till now. Once confirmed click on create option to create your campaign. A URL link will be provided to you which can be shared with your employees.

  • Campaigns can be used by HR heads and CXO’s to create unique links and customize the catalogue of stores platform in those links. Restrictions on the catalogue can be applied on the basis of items, brands,country, price etc. in a campaign. Campaigns can be used by recipients to buy items from the catalogue available in that particular campaign.

  • Campaigns can only be created by the admin of Plum platform generally HR heads or CXO’s in order to customize the catalogue and create unique catalogue links which can be mapped to Xoxo vouchers.

  • Go to the campaign option in main module. This page contains a list of all the campaigns created by you along with information like status,campaign name and url.

  • Go to the campaign option in main module. Search for the campaign that needs to be disabled and click on the active option in the status column of that particular campaign. Two status options will be shown for the campaign, select disabled option to disable that campaign.

  • No campaigns are not possible for Xoxo points. Campaigns can only be created for Xoxo vouchers. 

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