Plum / Xoxo points

  • Plum offers an option to distribute points called xoxo points which can be distributed among the employees,Stakeholders or channel partners  in order to reward,recognize and incentivize them. Points can be burned by recipients on plum to buy experiences, activities, Gift Vouchers,perks etc. 

  • By default 1 point = 1 USD, if you wish to make payment using a currency other than USD, you will be charged according to the conversion to USD, i.e. 1 point = amount in your currency that is equivalent to 1 USD.

  • Xoxo points can only be created by admins on the plum platform, generally HR heads or CXO’s.

  • Xoxo points can be used by those employees, stakeholders, channel partners etc. who have received Xoxo points as a reward.

  • Xoxo points can be distributed only on the Plum platform by making payment in the rechage section in the main module.

  • Xoxo points can be created by making payment from recharge option in the main module. Payment can be done using debit/credit card, net banking, paypal, online wallets, UPI or you can also make offline payment through cheque. 1 INR (or USD)  = 1 Xoxo point 

  • Xoxo points can be used by HR heads or CXO’s of a company to distribute in order to  reward and incentivize their employees, stakeholders or channel partners. Distributed points can be used by the recipients on Plum stores platform

  • Xoxo points are generated in exchange of payment made by you on the plum platform, once generated Xoxo points cannot be deleted as the transaction is non refundable.  

  • In order to transfer points to 5 or more employees together bulk upload recipients option can be used for convinience. Go to xoxo points option and click on bulk upload recipients option on the top right corner of the screen.Next screen will have an upload file option where you can add csv file with all the details of recipients in it. Click on choose file and select the file that needs to be uploaded, after choosing click on upload file.

  • Xoxo points cannot be sent to unregistered users but the transfer can be initiated, Go to xoxo points option and enter all the details of unregistered employee, The email option will show a message saying ‘user is not registered’ along with an option to register now. Click on register now to in order to register that employee and click on proceed to make the transfer.

  • Yes, in order to make corrections or addition in the bulk upload CSV you need to edit it offline manually in the original file and reupload it to make the changes in the process.

  • Points cannot be transferred with insufficient balance. But the transfer can be initiated, go to xoxo points option and enter all the details of respective employees then click on proceed option. A message will be shown about insufficient funds and details about current balance will be shown. Click on add funds option below the message to buy points, after that click on proceed option to make the transfer.

  • Points are added into the xoxo account   of the recipient which they can use on the plum platform to buy experiences, activities, gift vouchers or perks.

  • The points received by recipients can only be used on plum  platform.

  • Transferred Xoxo points are added in the Xoxo wallets of recipients. They can use Xoxo points in their wallet to buy experiences and activities, gift vouchers, perks etc. on the plum platform.

  • No, minimum balance is not required to start using Xoxo points.

  • No, at the moment, transfer points option from 1 admin to another is not possible on Plum platform.

  • No, once transferred the points can not be deducted from the account of recipients.

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